Go into all the world and preach the gospel… These were some of Jesus last words before He ascended to Heaven after the resurrection. What do they mean to you? If you are a follower of Jesus, those words are spoken to you. They are not spoken as a suggestion, but a command. So the question becomes how will you respond. Will you do nothing? Will you be an active sender? Will you step out of your comfort zone and GO!


Prayer Sender

Commit praying for the teams and individuals who are going sort term and for long term missionaries. Pray also for the people they will be serving that their hearts would be open to the good news of the gospel.

Financial Sender

Give to a goer directly (to learn about Goers that need your help, call us to learn more)

Give to mission work regularly (100% of what you give to Operation GO, goes directly to our projects in Haiti. Orphan are our primary focus, click on the CHOAIDS page to learn more about how we are impacting lives. Also read about our recent trip and the additional orphanages we want to support in our blog.)

Note: Our goal to the side is a monthly goal. We are looking for people to donate monthly to help us care for these orphanages. These kids need food and care everyday, every month… Would you help us provide for them?? We need your help, $10, $20, $50, $100 a month, whatever you choose to give will help us take care of these kids. We want our new orphanages to radically change kids just like the kids at our fist orphanage, CHOAIDS.


Commit to going on a trip and GO

You can join us on out next trip planned for Jan 2014