We started supporting Agape orphanage after the Feb 2014 trip but really did not meet them until the Jan 2015 trip. We were in for a surprise. While the physical condition of the orphanage is probably the worst of them all (very small and they had no mattress and were sleeping on plywood [we bought mattresses for them all]) the spiritual condition and the atmosphere was the best. The kids sang worship songs to us, some in English and some in Creole while the older ones took turns playing the songs on guitar. It was so peaceful. The kids are amazing!! This just goes to show that you can be happy no matter what your circumstance when you have Jesus!

Agape receives food once a month, they are the orphanage we trust the most. It is run by a pastor and his wife, the smallest space of all yet the most kids and they are all happy. When they sing, you can feel God’s love, His Agape Love!

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