Upcoming Trip

Every year we visit to check on the kids, help with maintenance projects, take them supplies and enjoy a fun day at the beach with the kids (about 130 total). Our upcoming trip is Feb 10-17 2019.

The trip cost will be $600 plus airfare. We will start having team meetings Nov or Dec 2018.


Donation lists:

  • Waterproof (but not plastic) mattress covers
  • Matchbox cars, small (McDonald’s size) superhero figures or dolls
  • Notebooks, pencils 
  • Toothbrushes and tooth past
  • Deodorant – men and woman
  • Soap
  • Hydrocortizone cream 
  • Anti-fungal lotion 
  • Other lotion
  • Sheets
  • Boys and Girls underware (all sizes)
  • Girls summer dresses (all sizes)
  • Funds for projects – estimated need of $3000
  • Beach Trip Funds –$7 covers the cost for one child’s beach day! $250 pays for an entire orphanage!


If you are interested in coming on a trip with us, please let us know!

operationgohaiti@gmail.com / 608-574-1795