FREM was the second new orphanage we visited on our 2014 trip. FREM has 26 kids, 20 of them under the age of 5. When we meet them, FREM didn’t have any continuous support which means not enough food. Most of the kids were small, a couple of 18-month-old little boys were the size of a small 7-month-old and were not able to crawl or stand even with help because of the malnourished. All the kids were quiet, they didn’t have the typical energy of toddlers which is an effect of not having the right food. They would just sit on our laps and want to be held. It seems the couple running the orphanage were nice and loving with the kids but it is like growing up in a daycare, they don’t get all the attention they need. The couple that ran the orphanage said that they could feed the kids on $300 a month, however, that is a basic diet of rice and beans and cornmeal, not proper nutrition. This orphanage really captured our hearts! We paid for food for them for the month and we also bought mattresses for the beds (on many of the beds they only had blankets) along with a propane stove to make cooking easier and healthy than an indoor fire for them. We also took them with us on our field trip to the beach – they had a great time!

Now, with the help of the Maranatha Ministries team, FREM has two cooks who take the food every day, prepare the meals and feed the kids. This has been a place of a spiritual battle for the past few years. The kids are not currently in school and we are continuing to work for justice for them, for safety and the ability to thrive, not just survive. Please pray for them, pray for wisdom and favor with those in authority.

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