LMT (La Main Tendre)

La Main Tendre was the first new orphanage we visited on our 2014 trip. La Main has 35 kids, most between the ages of 5 and 12 however some older and some younger. It is a spacious area with plenty of bunk beds and a big outside courtyard to play. All the kids were all dressed in matching blue shirts or dresses with tan shorts that the wife had made. This orphanage is run by a couple with really no other help other than that of their daughter. Washing clothes and bedsheets and cooking and doing school…too much for two people to do. They were out of money for food for the month and also out of gas for their stove which left them to cook the rice they had left over the open fire causing much smoke. The kids were as all kids, so cute. They took pictures for us (it seems all kids like to use electronics) and danced to the music we brought (I wish I had their moves). Since our first trip, we monthly support to this orphanage to provide some food and propane for cooking.

LMT receives food every other week. This is the orphanage run by the Vodou priest, it has always been an area of spiritual battle. The directors say they believe in God but make money from Vodou so continue to pray for them. The kids are taken care of and the directors really care about the kids.

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