We first visited CHOAIDS on our first GO trip to Haiti in Aug. 2010. We were only there for a half-hour. The reason for our visit was because of Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). The church that most of the team attended, Hidden Valley in Dodgeville, WI hosts mobile packing events with FMSC. FMSC packs meals for people starving around the world that is cost-effective and most importantly, full of nutrition and easy to digest. We wanted to visit some of the distribution sites in Haiti. When we walked into the orphanage (which was the size of a small apartment with 12 kids and 3 staff living there) we walked through standing water on the floor and leaking into their cistern. It was dark inside, we found out that they didn’t have any electricity. The walls were black with mold, all the kids and the staff are AIDS patients, they were dressed in rags, looked sick and very lifeless. One of the little girls screamed the entire time we were there because she was scared (we later found out that she was thrown in the garbage at age 4 because she was so sick). Our hearts broke.

We decided that was a place we could adopt, so we did. We moved them to a bigger, cleaner house and provided better monthly support so the kids for years so they could be healthier and happier. (See the “Why” blog to learn more.)

Now CHOAIDS has a great board raising and we are not involved in their care, but we love to visit and see them grow! They are no longer scared kids, but healthy, strong and happy teenagers, they don’t run and jump in is anymore, they are too cool for that, but we still get some smiles!. And there are some new little faces too! See pictures of them now at

If you want to learn more about them and donate directly to them, visit