Impact Focus of the Month – Education

I was recently at the National Football Hall of Fame for Brett Favre’s enshrinement. (This is not about Brett, but he is simply the best!) Anyway, one of the new attractions at the Hall of Fame is the Game of Life locker room. It’s really a series of advice from different players and coaches lead by Joe Namath. Allen Page, a former member of the Vikings Purple People Eaters, talked about the value of education. He said, “Education will allow you to choose where you go.” He is now a Supreme Court Justice in Minnesota. He lived that statement! Education can make a difference in people’s lives, no doubt about it. Many in our world lack the opportunity to receive basic education or further their education to learn skills needed to start a career or make a decent living.

This month, our Impact Focus is Education. Here are some ways you can make an impact through education.

  1. Ask your local school how you can get involved. Some of our clients volunteer in the classroom, read to kids, organize book drives to give books to kids and donate supplies. I am sure they can use your help.
  2. Help us send an orphanage to school in Haiti. Each year about this time, we receive requests from our four orphanages in Haiti asking for help for school, including vocational training for older kids. On average, these requests are about $5000 per orphanage (about 30 kids per orphanage). School is not free in Haiti. This cost includes books, tuition or teachers, uniforms and supplies. We cannot provide for school on our own, as this is in addition to the monthly support we send for food and basic living. Click here to donate online or give us a call to learn more. Also, consider joining us this winter on a trip to visit these kids in Haiti.
  3. Consider giving to a scholarship fund at one of the local colleges. We have a couple clients passionate about their trades/fields who inspire to support the next generation. Giving a scholarship is a great way to do so! Go! Make an Impact!